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Bowel Preparation Guides

To be able to get a clear view of the lining of your bowel it is very important that you follow the bowel preparation and dietary advice below to clear out your bowel before the procedure. There are different bowel preparations, the bowel preparation prescribed for you will depend on your individual circumstances, such as what medications you are taking and certain conditions you may have such as high blood pressure etc, this will have been discussed with you and a decision made at your Specialist Screening Practitioner Health Assessment appointment


If you have questions about bowel preparation or your regular medications, please contact one of our Screening Practitioners on 020 8869 3543/ 3362.

 To select your bowel preparation instructions, choose the relevant box and click on the PDF icon

PLENVU (Dose 1 & Dose 2 sachets) (SAME DAY)

PLENVU (Dose 1 & Dose 2 sachets) (Morning Appointment)

PLENVU (Dose 1 & Dose 2 sachets) (Afternoon Appointment)

 Moviprep (3x A&B sachets) (Extended)

 Moviprep (2x A&B sachets) (Morning Appointment)

Moviprep (2x A&B sachets) (Afternoon Appointment)

Senna tablets and three packets of Citramag or Picolax (Extended)

 Senna tablets and two packets of Citramag or Picolax

Bowel Cancer Screening Pre and Post Procedure Diabetic Instruction

Complementary Diet Sheet for Bowel Preparation

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