Here you can find our leaflets, posters, links and papers to use to raise awareness for bowel cancer and the screening programme. Please feel free to put them up in your waiting room, community centre, public space or office.

Leaflets & Guides

What is Bowel Cancer?


Step-by-step FIT Instructions

More Resources

Here are additional pages to download and order more material related to bowel cancer and screening:

Cancer Research UK

Bowel Cancer UK

PHE (under Inform the Public)


Guidance for GPs on FIT for symptomatic

Step-by-step guide on the FIT kit


We have collaborated on a number of papers and published studies:

  • Prentice A, Marshall S, Choglay S, Levitan M, McGregor L, Kerrison R, von Wagner C (2019) Ethnic differences in bowel cancer awareness: findings from a pharmacy-based community survey. The Lancet 394: S79

  • Kerrison RS, McGregor LM, Counsell N, Marshall S, Prentice A, Isitt J, Rees CJ, von Wagner C (2018) Use of Two Self-referral Reminders and a Theory-Based Leaflet to Increase the Uptake of Flexible Sigmoidoscopy in the English Bowel Scope Screening Program: Results From a Randomized Controlled Trial in London. Annals of Behavioral Medicine


  • Kerrison RS, McGregor LM, Marshall S, Isitt J, Counsell N, Rees CJ, von Wagner C (2017) Improving uptake of flexible sigmoidoscopy screening: a randomized trial of nonparticipant reminders in the English Screening Programme. Endoscopy 49(01): 35-43


  • Kerrison RS, McGregor LM, Marshall S, Isitt J, Counsell N, Wardle J, von Wagner C (2016) Use of a 12 months' self-referral reminder to facilitate uptake of bowel scope (flexible sigmoidoscopy) screening in previous non-responders: a London-based feasibility study. British Journal of Cancer 114(7): 751-8


  • Prentice A, Marshall S, Vance M, Choglay S, von Wagner C, Kerrison RS (2019) Colorectal cancer screening and the role of community pharmacy. The Pharmaceutical Journey


National Bowel Screening Hub Helpline: 0800 707 6060 to order a home-test kit, book an appointment, and general inquiries about bowel screening. Open 9am to 5pm.

St. Mark's Bowel Screening Health Promotion: 020 8869 3376 to speak to the Health Promotion team to arrange a talk, training session or raise awareness

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