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About the Test - FIT Kit

The FIT (Faecal Immunochemical Test) is the updated home-testing kit for bowel cancer. 

How is it different?

It's much more sensitive than the previous testing kit it replaces, which means that it can detect smaller amounts of blood in the stool, and will return fewer false positives. It also only needs one sample as well as having the ability to detect different amounts of blood in the stool.

How to perform the kit

The FIT kit is very straightforward to carry out, and can be broken down in to the following steps;

  1. Catch the bowel movement with a plastic container or bag.

  2. Twist the cap open on the bottle and scrape the stick along the bowel motion.

  3. Put the stick back in the bottle and 'click' it shut.

  4. Put the bottle back in the box, sign and send it off.


Your results should be posted to you within 2 weeks of sending off your kit. If your results are negative then nothing else need happen, your GP will be informed and you will be sent a new test kit in 2 years.

If it is positive then you will be invited to the hospital for a full bowel investigation, usually a colonoscopy. A positive result doesn't necessarily mean bowel cancer, it is usually haemorrhoids but further investigation is needed to check.

How to get a screening kit

Between the ages of 56 and 74? Then you should receive a kit automatically every 2 years, as long as you're registered with a GP. If you've lost or misplaced your kit you can have one sent by calling 0800 707 6060, or calling your GP.

The age for receiving a FIT kit is lowering to 50

Now that  the Bowel scope test has been decommissioned the age for receiving a FIT kit will gradually lower over the next 4 years.


If you're older than 74, then getting a FIT kit is just as easy,  call 0800 707 6060 to request a kit.

FIT Kit bowel screening instruction.png
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